Clementine likes to perch high on a cat tree or nestle in a kitty cubbyhole, peeking out like an owl with her big eyes and big ears. Take a gentle approach, use soft words of reassurance, and you can pique her curiosity for a little getting-to-know-y...
15-May-2018Eastsound, WA(14 miles)Cats for Sale
Hello, please call me Marcy. I am quite a fetching three-year-old gal and am often confused with a Russian Blue with my stunning gray coat and a white star on my chest. I had been hanging out as a stray at Island Hardware before some good folks brought me to the Shelter. They tell me somebody must have loved me and cared for me as I was spayed and in terrific condition. I am getting used to my ...
15-May-2018Eastsound, WA(14 miles)Cats for Sale
I'm mature but not old. Rumor has it I was abandoned by people who left the island and I ended up mooching off the neighbors as much as possible. I then found the home of a really nice person who fed me and brought me to this nice shelter where I can be taken care of properly. I had to have a few mats shaved off and I'm easy to groom. You'll find me to be very friendly and pretty easy going wit...
15-May-2018Eastsound, WA(14 miles)Cats for Sale
I have a lovable name and I'm a sweet cat. It's a bit unclear how I ended up at this good shelter but my micro chip indicates my name is Chip. I get along really well with all the girls in my community room and look forward to anyone visiting. If I might be the 1 for you, stop by and let's get acquainted.
15-May-2018Eastsound, WA(14 miles)Cats for Sale
My name is Morey and I will probably wake up to greet you when you visit. You will have canned food for me, won't you? Every now and then someone will say I'm grumpy but I think that's because I'm not getting the attention I deserve. I get along with my cat roommates fairly well as long as I get my share of the goodies. All I want to do is hang out and keep you company. Might that work for both...
15-May-2018Eastsound, WA(14 miles)Cats for Sale
I was named Jake after the kind person rescuing me. The staff here says I have the most incredible whiskers and my sweet white chin certainly adds to my charm. I tested positive for FIV but you couldn't find a healthier cat than me. I run, climb and love attention. I have my own catio to soak up the sun on good days and I love a little canned food every day. The staff says to ask if you're not ...
15-May-2018Eastsound, WA(14 miles)Cats for Sale
I'm named Fennel - I have no idea why. Anyway, I'm 1 of the cats roaming in the lobby and office. I will greet everyone but once I've had enough pets, I'll give you a little swat. To confuse you, I'll come back for more pets. Yes, we cats can keep you humans on your toes! I originally lived on the mainland but now I'm lucky to be on this lovely island. Come visit so I can give you a head butt w...
15-May-2018Eastsound, WA(14 miles)Cats for Sale
I'm called Sassy because I'm precious not because I have an attitude. As a good representative of the tuxedo cats, I'm happy to say I don't need much in the way of interacting with humans. My main goal is to be fed. I guess I'm getting a bit chubby since I'm being well cared for in this good shelter. I certainly enjoy time on the catio when the weather is nice.
15-May-2018Eastsound, WA(14 miles)Cats for Sale
Hello, my name is Juliet. I am close companion to the lovely Emmie. I don t have much of a memory of my start in life, but I was told I was trying to make my way into an apartment complex. Not to brag, but you can see I am a gorgeous fluffy, all black cat with a poof of a tail and I am three-years-old. I do love my roomie Emmie and would be great if we adopted as a pair but that's not necessary...
15-May-2018Eastsound, WA(14 miles)Cats for Sale
Hello, they call me Cute Pea. I am indeed adorable and you have to admire a girl with a coat like this. I lived as an indoor only cat, but 1 day I went outside and got lost. Finally, many weeks later I was found in emaciated condition. I felt very poorly for a long time, but finally I started gaining weight and getting on with being a healthy indoor cat. You see now why I had to brag about my l...
15-May-2018Eastsound, WA(14 miles)Cats for Sale
Hello, my name is Emmie. I am a stunning long-haired tabby. I was rescued from a dairy farm where I lived outside and because of my slow start in life I am a shy two-year-old gal. I will be a wonderfully precious companion for someone who has the patience to get to know me. I am best cat buddies with my roommate Juliet but would be happy just to find the perfect home. I'm gentle and not at all ...
15-May-2018Eastsound, WA(14 miles)Cats for Sale
I'm Toni the tubby tabby. I'm told I could stand to lose a pound or 2 but I'm sure that will happen as I get more exercise. I was picked on by the other cats in my former situation. Maybe I'm just a sensitive gal. Toni's food and care generously sponsored by Robyn Lowe.
15-May-2018Oak Harbor, WA(12 miles)Cats for Sale
Very outgoing! These kittens seek people out and follow us around the house, very social and love attention. The personalities on these kittens are more like a dog! Siamese/Manx crosses Our female was shown in 4-H and was best in Show, Grand Champion, Best in breed and judges choice!
Looking for a name for your new cat or kitten? Seehttps://catspurfection.com/ for the best selection of cat names. From funny cat names to truly exotic cat names, you're sure to find something purrfect for your new best friend! 5/12/18 2:43 PM... see more at Petfinder
Aw, I know, I may look like a goodfella with my big head and burly build, but the truth is I'm a pushover. There is nothing tough about me, really. You'll find that out the moment you meet me. I'm big on being petted and snuggled on your lap. C'mon, let's get to know each other! I'll be waiting. Looking for a name for your new cat or kitten? Seehttps://catspurfection.com/ for the best selection...
Yes, I m shy -- but I do like people, honest! With a bit of patience and gentle persuasion, I can be won over. And I m so worth the effort. My soft coat s a really neat mixture of gold and gray tabby and tortoiseshell. I m happy to share my home with other cats (I came here with Poppy) -- in fact, that s my ideal. Please come introduce yourself and let s start getting to know all about each oth...
16-May-2018Eastsound, WA(14 miles)Cats for Sale
I'm so distrustful of people but I have a nice reason to be. I'm a senior cat and have been abandoned by my people. I'm told they trashed the rental house and left me to fend for myself. I lived with another cat and he's here, too. I'm used to living outside on the catio here at the shelter but they make it really toasty for me in this cold weather. Queenie's food and care generously sponsored ...
18-May-2018Bellingham, WA(23 miles)Cats for Sale
Meet Romeo and Mercutio! These 2 kittens are very bonded and are required to go home together. Romeo is a very active kitty that will need a home that is prepared for his kitten energy. Kittens live for 15-20 yrs with proper care and Romeo and Me...
20-May-2018Bellingham, WA(23 miles)Cats for Sale
Taboo is a shy boy on the look out for his forever family. He has lived with cats in his previous home and would probably be alright having some new feline friends. He also lived with a big dog and even though it took a little while he eventually bec...
20-May-2018Bellingham, WA(23 miles)Cats for Sale
Meet Teddy! A cute and affectionate kitty looking for his forever home. Teddy lived with other cats and could possibly live with another feline friend. Teddy would love to be an indoor/outdoor kitty where he can catch mice and roam around the proper...
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